Here are my blog posts and shitposts for your viewing pleasure.


  • Creating ASP.NET Core MVC apps on Linux, using CLI tools

    Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core MVC framework is a fast way to generate web applications using C#. Like any framework, its speed is made possible by the robustness of the tooling that goes into helping you generate your scaffolding, so you can focus on the business code, not the setup. Mainly, that means using Visual Studio. But for us in the GNU+Linux crowd, that’s a little bit of a problem: for better or worse, Visual Studio doesn’t run on Linux. So we will have to get around that by using the CLI tools that Visual Studio essentially uses for us behind the scenes.

  • A dream showed me my next project

    A few days ago I had a weird-ass dream about a game I had supposedly made. I intend to follow through with it.

  • GoGodot Game Jam devlog part 1 - Brainstorming

    I’m going to substitute blogposting for an actual game design doc. The theme is “Power Source”. Now just wtf am I going to make???


  • Using jekyll for maximum BLOAT

    Jekyll is a static site generator created in Ruby, which makes it exceedingly easy for me to type up pages of SEO bloatware without too much trouble.