I’m going to substitute blogposting for an actual game design doc. The theme is “Power Source”. Now just wtf am I going to make???

At first, I thought maybe I’ll hack up a multiplayer tanks game, involving some kind of mechanic where players would sap energy from each other and/or shoot lightning bolts, and movement and weapons all consume energy, because the tanks are electrical or something, and I would accomplish all of this without ever having created ground-vehicle mechanics in Godot engine before, nor multiplayer. This jam spans almost 2 weeks of time, but I am very lazy, so make that more like 4 days worth of total development time… Even so, given Godot’s nifty built-in VehicleBody node type, I was able to hack up a smol “tank”-esque controller that can move, turn, control the turret, and fall down. Behold:

The problem with this machination is that I obviously don’t have the center of mass and stuff tuned to anywhere near playable, and to be honest, I’ve already lost any passion for this direction. So I’m going to do what I do best and hop on to the next idea train: an anti tower defense game involving FPS and truck-driving mechanics, where the player’s objective is to deliver barrels or containers of some hazardous liquid to a possibly hostile destination, while under enemy fire. :D

So I’ll spend tonight mocking up some FPS controller (probably just binge-watch all of Garbaj’s videos or something lol) along with a truck-with-trailer vehicle controller, which conveniently I can 99% copy straight out of the official 3D Truck Town demo from the Godot demo projects repo.

I also need to implement a clean way to handle switching control between two different entities: the FPS controller, and the vehicle controller. It’s times like this that I think Unreal Engine has the right idea, with PlayerController types attaching to Pawn types, such that different controllers can be associated with whatever Pawn you need on the fly. I think I’ll steal some inspiration for their architecture for this. Firstly, I want to just get an abstraction working between the PlayerController node and the Pawn node. I’ll have very, very abstract characters for this first step, just to get the controller switching working. So my first few hard requirements will be:

  • Create a basic walking FPS controller
  • Create a basic 3rd-person cube that we can make-believe is a vehicle, but it doesn’t move
  • Mockup an Unreal-like PlayerController that can take control of either of these at a time on demand

There’s my laundry list for now. I better get to work instead of writing a blog post about working.


I gave up on this jam because I had absolutely no passion for the project. I have made progress on a workable FPS controller; however, I don’t intend to do anything with this right now. Instead, I will focus on expanding the vision I had for my Twin-Stick shooter project that has seen its own stall for the time being. I’ll make a separate post about it.