Jekyll is a static site generator created in Ruby, which makes it exceedingly easy for me to type up pages of SEO bloatware without too much trouble.

However, I found it a nuisance to have to manually touch files under the _posts directory with an appropriately datestamped filename, so instead, I came up with this Bash function monstrosity which now lives contentedly in my interactive environment:

mkpost ()
	trap 'OPTIND=1; unset opt' RETURN;
	while getopts :c:t:e opt; do
		case $opt in 
			c) local categories=$OPTARG ;;
			t) local tags=$OPTARG ;;
			e) local edit=1 ;;
			:) printf -- '-%c needs argument\n' $OPTARG 1>&2; return 1 ;;
			\?) printf -- '-%c: unknown option\n' $OPTARG 1>&2; return 1 ;;
	done; shift $(( --OPTIND ))
	if ! bundle exec jekyll --version &> /dev/null; then
		printf '%s: Not a jekyll site\n' "$PWD" 1>&2
		return 1
	local jekylldir=$PWD
	while [[ -n $jekylldir && ! -d $jekylldir/_posts ]]; do
	if [[ -z $jekylldir ]]; then
		printf '%s: No _posts directory found in project\n' "$PWD" 1>&2
		return 1
	local post=$(sed 's/[^[:alnum:]]\+/-/g' <<<"${*,,}")
	printf -v post '%s/_posts/%(%Y-%m-%d)' "$jekylldir" -1 "$post"
	cat > "$post" <<-EOF
	layout: post
	title: "${*}"
	date:  $(printf '%(%Y-%m-%d %T %z)T' -1)
	categories: ${categories//,/ }
	tags: ${tags//,/ }
	(( edit )) && nvim -- "$post"

I am thinking that instead of having this ever-living piece of utter shit in my shell environment, ready to make Jekyll posts anywhere in my filesystem as long as bundle exec jekyll --version can do its thing (and a _posts directory exists somewhere), I should really just gem this function up, so I can call bundle exec mkpost instead. But that will require me to grow a fuck that I can give. We’ll see what the chances of that will be.

Edit: As I write and preview this post, I notice that somehow even though I’ve stolen minima’s syntax highlighting stylesheet, I have somehow managed to fuck up line number vertical alignment with the code lines. I’ll get that working later because I cannot be arsed. For now, I’ll leave line numbers off whenever I post a code snippet, and you can just count them with your fingers.